Should You Renovate Your Bathroom in the Winter?

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Why Winter is the Best Time to Remodel Your Bathroom

Every season has its benefits, but here are seven reasons why winter could be a great time for a bathroom renovation in Dorchester.

1.    Increase Energy Efficiency

Your energy bills are at their highest in the winter, so a bathroom renovation this time of year provides the perfect chance to boost energy efficiency. An experienced, reputable bathroom remodeler can present the most energy-efficient plumbing fixtures, heating products and lighting options to meet your conservation goals without ignoring function and luxury.

2.    Prepare to Sell Your Home in the Spring

If you plan to sell your house next year, you could increase your asking price by first remodelling the bathroom. Updates to this room are also likely to attract more buyers, especially if your current bathroom has cracked tiles, leaky pipes or a dingy shower.

However, waiting until spring to remodel could be a mistake. After all, you’ll miss the buyers who line up as soon as the weather warms. Beat the rush of people hoping to renovate their bathrooms in the spring, and get your home ready to sell by remodelling now.

3.    Great Time for Interior Work

The biggest reason winter is the off season for renovation work is that homeowners don’t want to expose their houses to cold temperatures and wet conditions. As a result, winter may not be the best time for exterior work like installing new windows and replacing the roof.

However, most bathroom remodelling projects are completely enclosed and not exposed to the elements. Given the other perks of winter bathroom renovations, it only makes sense to give this season a try!

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What to Consider with a Winter Bathroom Renovation

Winter projects may take a bit more planning, but the benefits could be well worth it. Here are five factors to keep in mind as you begin your bathroom renovation in the winter.

1.    Home Access

Every remodelling project starts with planning and designing. Once you and your contractor sign an agreement, construction can begin! Each day before the crew arrives, make sure the path to your home is free of ice and snow. You may need to get out the shovel and de-icer to make your sidewalks safe. This isn’t just a courtesy—it could be a matter of liability if you don’t provide safe access, and your negligence results in a worker slipping and falling.

2.    Weather Complications

Big storms may slow down product deliveries and delay your project. Workers could track mud and water inside. Cold temperatures might make grout and adhesives take longer to cure. The best way to get around these weather complications is to work with an experienced bathroom remodeler in Dorchester. A skilled team has what it takes to circumvent problems and keep your project moving forward, despite the weather.

3.    Your Neighbours

It’s courteous to let your neighbours know when you’re about to undergo any type of remodelling, no matter the season. Informing them ahead of time reduces the risk of noise complaints and eliminates any confusion they may have about seeing a work van and construction crew on your property.

4.    Your Budget

Before contacting a remodeler, consider how much you’re willing to spend on a bathroom remodel. A good guideline is to keep your budget at 10 per cent or less of your home’s total value. You should only spend more if you’re sure you can afford it. Remember, renovating your bathroom in the winter can help your budget go further.

5.    Trendy vs Timeless Design

It’s easy to give into the latest fads, but incorporating timeless options is the best way to ensure your bathroom remains beautiful for years to come. A timeless design also promotes universal appeal, an important consideration if you’re remodelling right before selling. In short, opt for well-constructed bathroom cabinets, subdued paint colours and standardised features. Then, steer clear of odd layouts, unusual colour combinations and kitschy tile work.

Bathroom Renovation Ideas to Keep You Warm and Cosy

Because bathrooms feature so many hard surfaces like tile, ceramic and stone, it’s easy for the space to feel cold and uninviting. Renovating in the winter puts adequate heating at the forefront of your mind. Here are four clever ways to incorporate luxurious bathroom heating into your project.

1.    Heated Towel Rails

Add instant luxury by replacing your bathroom radiator with heated towel rails. They quickly warm the space, with your towels there to soak up heat at the source. Choose from many styles to suit your bathroom design and installation preferences. Just imagine grabbing a warm, fluffy towel from the heated rail and wrapping it around your body as you step out of the shower. It doesn’t get any more luxurious than that!

2.    Radiant Floor Heating

Another space-saving option is to install in-floor heating. It’s a simple addition when your bathroom floor is already ripped out during a renovation. Because heat rises, this bathroom heating method warms your entire body, starting at your toes. The chance to avoid stepping onto a cold tile floor first thing in the morning will put a smile on your face every day this winter.

3.    Plush Bath Mats and Towels

Filling the room with cosy textiles is a low-cost way to keep your bathroom warm in the winter. Place mats in front of the toilet, vanity and shower so you always have somewhere soft to step. And whether or not you opt for heated towel rails, invest in plush towels after your bathroom renovation to instil a sense of luxury.

4.    Warm Wall Colours

The bathroom colour scheme may not physically change the temperature in the room, but the shades you choose can instantly add or detract from the warm feeling you hope to create. Skip cool colours like icy blue, emerald green and periwinkle, opting instead for warm grey, caramel brown and brassy yellow.

Begin Your Winter Bathroom Renovation

No matter what time of year you decide to remodel, Bathroom Inspirations can help you achieve your desired style. Our team is passionate about making your bathroom more beautiful, functional and valuable! First, we provide free design services using state-of-the-art 3D design technology, which lets you picture your new bathroom before you commit to the work. Then, we install your new bathroom quickly and affordably, letting you sit back and relax.

To take a peek at our amazing bathroom renovations, please explore our past work or visit our showroom in Dorchester. You can also call us at 01305 238708 or contact us online to get your winter bathroom renovation started!