Frequently Asked Questions

Bathroom Renovation FAQ

At Bathroom Inspirations Dorchester, we know that you have many questions about what is involved in a bathroom renovation with us. While our team of experts is always available to meet with you at your home or in our showroom, we have provided some of the most common questions here.

Why Get a New Bathroom Suite Installed by the Pros?

When selecting a team for your new bathroom, we understand that it can be a challenge. You probably have several questions about whom to trust and what work you can expect. There are several reasons to trust Bathroom Inspirations Dorchester with your bathroom renovation. Primarily, we have over 30 years of experience in the field, which gives us the ability to help you through the procedure of installing your new bathroom. On top of that, we are a great choice to work on your new bathroom because we:

– Produce high-quality bathrooms at a competitive price

– Install bathrooms according to the most precise standards

– Provide free, no-obligation consultations and design services

– Can adapt a bathroom to make it accessible for specific disabilities

– Dispose of old bathroom fixtures and materials

– Work with the leading brand names such as Laufen, Villeroy & Boch, Vogue, Aqualisa, Victoria & Albert, Matki, Imperial, Vado, Grohe, Impey and more.

Do I Need a Professional Bathroom Renovation Team?

When you want a complete bathroom renovation, the only way to get a high-quality bathroom that will undoubtedly add value to your home is by using a professional team. Installing a newly decorated bathroom involves tiling, plumbing, woodwork, stonework, and many other speciality skills. So, do it yourself renovations often end up causing a lot more pain and annoyance than necessary.

Who Disposes of the Waste From My Old Bathroom Suite?

At Bathroom Inspirations Dorchester, we always prefer to leave your newly renovated bathroom looking brand new. This involves disposing of any leftover waste and rubbish leftover from your old bathroom. While the details always matter, we can typically make it seem like your old bathroom disappeared and leave you with a brand-new modern or traditional bathroom.

Will My Utilities Need to Be Turned Off During Work?

While bathroom renovations can always involve a bit of noise, we understand the problems this can cause you, especially if you are one of the many people working from home. So, we always prepare a plan for the workday to make sure you have an available bathroom to use during the day, whenever possible, and that we warn you before any especially noisy work begins.

How Much of a Disturbance Will the Work Involve?

There are times where Bathroom Inspirations Dorchester’s bathroom renovation team is forced to turn off a boiler or utilities. However, we strive to ensure this is never a surprise. We will let you know before we shut off any important utilities so that you and your family can prepare accordingly.

How Much Time Will My Bathroom Installation Take?

The time required to complete a bathroom installation will vary depending on the work we are performing. However, the average bathroom renovation would take 1-2 weeks. Despite the speedy work done by the Bathroom Inspirations Dorchester team, we refuse to cut corners when it comes to delivering high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

How Should We Prepare for Our Bathroom Installation?

We try to do as much of the work for you as possible. It would be best if you started getting some bathroom ideas by looking at the work we have done in the past and possibly coming into our showroom to meet with a team member. Once we have the work planned, all you need to do is clear the area of any personal belongings. If you need to take any other specific actions before the installation, we will walk you through that as we plan your bathroom installation.

Will a New Bathroom Increase My Home’s Value?

Absolutely! Homes with outdated and shabby bathrooms regularly get lower offers than houses with ensuite and bathroom designs. This is an important factor for homeowners to consider during the bathroom installation process. The immense value added to your home will offset much of the bathroom installation costs. However, how much value it will add to your home will depend on the type of work you want us to perform on your new bathroom.

What Does the Bathroom Renovation Process Look Like?

The renovation will involve ripping out the old bathroom first. Our fitters will be happy to remove the waste from your property so that you aren’t left with a pile of bathroom fittings.  Once the old products have been removed, our teams will adjust and update any plumbing where required.  They will board the room and prepare the room ready for tiling.   The tiling process will always be discussed with you.  Our specialist tilers will suggest different laying patterns and cuts.  Once completed and grouted, the team will prepare for the second fix items; installing the toilet, basin, taps and glass.  They’ll involve you in the process, asking you where you would like your chosen items fitted, including your toilet roll holders, mirrors, etc, before siliconing the bathroom to finish the room.

Do I Need to Know What Design I’d like Before I Talk to a Bathroom Inspirations Designer?

You don’t need to have design ideas but it will help us to design the room if you have a certain style in mind, whether it’s a traditional or contemporary look, or if you have a favourite colour you’d like to work into the design.  We will be able to design the layout for you and guide you to choosing products that are suitable for your needs.  We assist with tiles and colours and even have paint colour charts to help with the complete design process.

What Time Will You Start Work Every Day?

Our fitters will be with you nice and early. They would normally start work with you at 8:30 daily, but if you have any preferences and would prefer an earlier or later start, they can work around your needs.