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At Bathroom Inspirations, we offer a no-obligation free bathroom design planner so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your new bathroom installation.

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Are you looking for a new, innovative way to refresh your bathroom? Do you have a vision you’re ready to bring to life? Transform your bathroom with our bespoke bathroom design service in Dorchester. Imagine being able to visualise your dream bathroom before the work begins. That’s exactly what our bathroom 3D planner allows you to do. With our extensive experience and innovative tools, creating a bathroom that reflects your style and meets your needs has never been easier. This cutting-edge approach eliminates any guesswork, ensuring you’re delighted with your design. Discover the possibilities with our bathroom design service and start creating a space that brings you joy every day.

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How it works

We strive to go the extra mile by offering a comprehensive design service that brings your vision to life with precision and creativity. Our team is adept at translating your ideas into a tailored design that aligns with your style and functional needs. From the initial consultation to the final design presentation, we ensure every detail is considered, including the aesthetic appeal and the practicality of daily use. Our state-of-the-art bathroom 3D planning tools allow for a seamless transition from imagination to reality. Take a closer look at how our bathroom design process works:

Bathtub Shower Mixer

1. Pre-Design Consultation

The pre-design consultation with our team is the first step towards creating your ideal bathroom. This meeting is a vital opportunity to share your aspirations, preferences, and requirements for your bathroom project. During this session, our experts will listen and offer insights and suggestions that align with your vision. It’s a collaborative process designed to explore every aspect of your dream bathroom, from the broad theme to the intricate details.

2. InHome Measurements

Accuracy is key in transforming any space, and this is where our in-home measurements come into play. A skilled team member will visit your home to take precise dimensions of your bathroom. This step is critical, ensuring your new fixtures and features fit perfectly. It also allows us to identify any potential challenges early in the process. These accurate measurements serve as the foundation for our tailored design plans.

In Home Measurements

3. Showroom Design Presentation

Following the in-home measurements, we’ll invite you to our showroom for a design presentation that brings your proposed bathroom to life. In this phase, you’ll be presented with a detailed 3D model of your new bathroom, crafted according to your specific wishes and the physical constraints of your space. This visual representation allows you to explore your future bathroom’s layout, look, and functionality, providing a great understanding of what the finished project will look like. It’s an exciting step that moves your bathroom renovation from concept to tangible vision, ensuring you’re thrilled with the proposed design.

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We work with a range of customers in many locations around Dorset to help them achieve their goals. Browse some of our work here.

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When you are ready for a bathroom renovation, the first step is to visit our bathroom showroom in Dorchester.

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We work with top trademen to manage your project seamlessly from design to completion.

What are the benefits of Our Bathroom 3D Planner?

Using our bathroom 3D planner for your remodel has unparalleled advantages that streamline the entire process, ensuring each choice is made confidently. This innovative tool goes beyond traditional planning methods, allowing you to visually explore and adjust your bathroom space in 3D. It lets you try various layouts, styles, and finishes in real time, boosting creativity while minimising design regrets and costly modifications later. Here are the key benefits:

Clarity and Precision

The 3D planner provides a vivid and accurate visualisation of your bathroom, reducing uncertainty and allowing you to see the exact dimensions and layout before any physical work starts.


It enables you to experiment with different designs, styles, and configurations, making it easy to personalise your space according to your taste and needs.

Informed Decision-Making

By visualising the result, you can make informed choices about fixtures, finishes, and accessories, ensuring every element aligns with your vision.

Cost and Time Efficiency

Tweaks and changes can be made virtually, without costly and time-consuming physical alterations later in the process.

Enhanced Communication

The visual nature of the 3D plan facilitates clearer communication between you and our designers, ensuring your ideas are accurately captured and implemented.

We work with the top tradesmen

We pride ourselves on recommending the finest tradesmen in Dorchester to ensure every aspect of your bathroom transformation is handled with utmost care and professionalism. Our selective recommendations with top-rated craftsmen ensure a smooth, worry-free renovation process. By entrusting your project to us, you benefit from a team of experts dedicated to precisely realising your vision, ensuring every tile, fixture, and feature is installed to the highest standards. This commitment to excellence and collaboration with skilled tradesmen allows us to bring your dream bathroom to life, seamlessly blending design with functionality.

Our reviews

Mark Osborn
Mark Osborn
Fantastic customer service with high end products.A family run business with lovely staff. Highly recommended.
Sharon Cooper
Sharon Cooper
Bathroom Inspirations installed our bathroom almost 4 years ago. Even after all this time Patrick helped us with an issue with a manufacturer. Absolutely amazing customer service. Thank you
Phil Telling
Phil Telling
Great service from Paul and the team.
Gavin Ward
Gavin Ward
Great range of styles on display with friendly knowledgeable staff. Be sure to book an appointment for a consultation.
Ann Vandervoet
Ann Vandervoet
We can’t recommend Bathroom Inspirations highly enough! We have been thinking about redoing our bathroom for some time now and have looked around many showrooms. The minute we walked into Bathroom Inspirations we were greeted with a warm and friendly approach. The salesman was not pushy, allowing us to browse at our leisure without following behind. We never felt rushed and were given valuable advice when we asked for it. The workmen came on the day allocated and the communication was outstanding between Bathroom Inspirations, workmen and myself. We were consulted at every step and asked exactly how we wanted things placed before completing each phase. The workmen were both very friendly and tidy and we have earmarked them for future work. We have had many builders/workmen over the years that have shown shoddy work and have cut corners. We’re not letting these guys go now that we have found outstanding workmanship done to a high and professional standard, they gave suggestions before doing certain parts of the job so that we could get the most out of the space we had. You will not regret having your bathroom done by this company. First photo is the before.
Hugh Maw
Hugh Maw
no pressure on sales very helpful with any questions you may have
Adrian Stone
Adrian Stone
We'd like to thank Dani at Bathroom Inspirations for her advice, inspiration and help in designing our ensuite. From the first visit to the last and all the questions in-between Dani has been so helpful. Also to Lee for the build, tiling and management of the whole project, his work is outstanding. We are so pleased with the end result.
Delilah Sullivan
Delilah Sullivan
I have been SO IMPRESSED with the care and professionalism of Bathroom Inspirations, in particular the aftercare and follow-ups to check I am happy with my new bathroom. What a gem! I won't go anywhere else now. Thank you so much!
Family Robinson
Family Robinson
Bathroom Inspirations provided us with an exceptional service from start to finish. The whole experience from planning to installation was exemplary. The 3D images created by Claire who was incredibly supportive throughout, enabled us to visualise the rooms and provide assurances of how they would appear when complete, albeit after several redesign proposals were considered. The time invested by Bathroom Inspiration which included a home visit with the installer Lee Townsend Tiling, provided the final confidence prior to the order being confirmed. Lee himself was also incredible and considerate with all aspects of the installation and tiling. His workmanship and communication were first class. We are delighted with the final result and now have a bathroom and ensuite which we are absolutely delighted with. I would not hesitate to recommend Bathroom Inspirations and Lee Townsend Tiling to anyone. Craig and Julie Robinson

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Free Design Service

We’re proud to offer free designs, measurements, and surveys at absolutely no obligation to you. Our experienced team will provide high-quality work that you’ll want to implement in your home as soon as possible. If you’re not satisfied with the results, we’d be happy to discuss and update any aspect of the design until you are completely happy.

Installation Services

After the initial appointment, we will produce plans on our cad design system based on a brief from you, or any ideas you wish us to come up with. This process allows you to make detailed changes to your vision that can only be made by viewing it this way, the cost of this bathroom design is completely free and without obligation, it is all part of the bathroom design service we offer.

Recommended Tradesmen

If required, our recommended Dorset tradesmen will take care of everything including any tiling, plumbing, electrics, plastering and decorating.

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