Get the Look: Quiet Luxury Bathroom Ideas

Quiet Luxury Bathroom

What is Quiet Luxury?

Interior design trends come and go, but some endure. If you are someone who is tired of shiny, blingy bathrooms, with over-the-top décor that feels far too elaborate and overblown, you may want to consider the “Quiet Luxury” trend for your bathroom. Sophisticated, timeless, and elegant, Quiet Luxury utilizes understated luxury for a space with lasting appeal. Also known as the “Old Money Aesthetic”, this style blends elegance with minimalism for a look that is at once calming and lush, with design choices that are subtle but powerful. Defined by discreet elegance, Quiet Luxury is refined and sophisticated, embracing comfort in a curated space that seamlessly integrates elegance into everyday life with high-quality unfussy elements. It is the perfect style for a spa-like bathroom because of its focus on quiet, calming indulgence. If this sounds like a design trend that matches your personal aesthetic, read on for some Quiet Luxury bathroom ideas.

The Old Money Colour Palette

As you might expect, the palette used in Quiet Luxury is soft and subtle. When you think of the concept of Old Money, what comes to mind? You probably think of understated elegance, so soft neutral hues fit the ideal. Calming shades and subtle textures elevate the space, simultaneously creating a tranquil atmosphere and hinting at opulence. Think of neutrals grounded in nature, calming and versatile. Scandinavian off-whites, neutrals inspired by nature, pale blues, muted greens, grey-green, and rich browns like nutmeg, cinnamon, and ochre are all colours that work well with the Quiet Luxury trend. Build your palette with an understanding of the light in your space, choosing warm or cool tones depending on which work best with the room’s light.

The Bath

Ideally, your Quiet Luxury Bathroom will be anchored by a stunning soaker tub. If you do not have enough space for that to be your reality, it is still important to create a bathing space that subtly communicates relaxation. The idea of a quiet luxury bathroom is to promote restful self-care, incorporating luxury bathroom ideas that elevate the space with spa-like elements. If you do have room for a freestanding bathtub, choose one with gracious, sensuous curves, to give a feeling of restful tranquillity. A vintage or vintage-inspired tub is also a good option, contributing to the classic, timeless ambience of the space.

Old Colour Bathroom Design
Luxury Bathroom Ideas

The Shower

Just as the bath in a Quiet Luxury bathroom should be an oasis of self-care and relaxation, the shower should incorporate spa-like elements for a luxurious experience. A rainfall showerhead or a steam shower replicate the experience of a luxury spa, offering a space where people can pamper themselves while engaging in everyday self-care. For next-level indulgence, consider a walk-in wet room shower, with dual showerheads, a glass enclosure, and abundant natural light.

Washbasin and Storage

Quiet Luxury bathrooms embrace a minimalist aesthetic, which means keeping the space free of clutter. Built-in cabinets and floating shelves can support this objective. The desired look should be one of spacious cleanliness, for a serene, calm environment. It is also worth considering vintage storage pieces, like antique cabinets, to add the desired character associated with old money. The room should have a curated look, with bathroom hardware that is uniquely tailored to match the space, rather than the basic chrome. There is a wide range of finishes available, but since it is sometimes difficult to match finishes across all the hardware in your bathroom, you might consider matte black. When choosing a vanity and sink, consider a marble sink in a vanity with deep drawers, though a clean, white porcelain sink can also fit the aesthetic when properly styled.

Styling with Quiet Luxury

This aesthetic involves minimalism, but to qualify as Quiet Luxury, minimalist bathrooms must also feature indulgent elements. Outfit your bathroom with luxurious textures and materials like marble, natural stone, or glass tiles, contrasting with soft, plush towels, a cosy bathmat, or a rug. Vary your textures to create dimension and depth, as well as visual interest. Choose your lighting thoughtfully, mixing task lighting, ambient lighting and accent lighting to provide greater control over the ambience of the room. Ample natural light is extremely important to this style of bathroom, and if you want to add an additional touch of luxury, consider pendant lights. Attend to the little details, incorporating designer fixtures and custom cabinetry, as well as finishing touches like scented candles, high-quality bath towels, and other spa-like accoutrements. Quiet Luxury shares elements with the Japandi style, and the plant pots and ornaments used in Japandi style work well in a Quiet Luxury bathroom as well. Think simple, minimalist and organic, combining form and function. Consider, too, incorporating additional comfort and relaxation items, like a towel warmer or a built-in sound system.

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Luxury Bathroom Décor

Final Thoughts

How will you incorporate Quiet Luxury into your bathroom? More than a design trend, Quiet Luxury is a philosophy with staying power, the concept of inviting peaceful indulgence into our homes and our lives. Your personal definition of the concept is fundamental to how you will use it in your home. For many, Quiet Luxury simply means having a place to take time for ourselves, away from the world. The need for stress management and a focus on personal wellness have naturally led to the embracing of an ideology that creates an oasis of luxury in what has been, in years past, a purely functional space. Having a private retreat dedicated to personal well-being is at the heart of this philosophy, and Quiet Luxury is about nothing so much as quieting the mind and wrapping yourself in comfort. To embrace this idea is to acknowledge that luxury need not be extravagant, but exists in an elegant simplicity that is time-tested and timeless. As you incorporate this style into your home, focus on small but meaningful touches that make you feel pampered and take your bathroom from average to luxurious.

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