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Maximalist-Style Bathroom

Our Guide to Eclectic Elegance

For those seeking the ultimate in maximalist bathroom decor, Bathroom Inspirations in Dorchester is your premier destination. With over 30 years of experience, our talented team of designers understands the art of merging bold colours, intricate patterns, and luxurious fixtures to bring your maximalist vision to life. We recognise that maximalism is about celebrating excess and individuality, and our designers work closely with you to understand your unique style and preferences. Our extensive range of tiles, showers, basins, mirrors, cabinets, and more ensures that every detail is meticulously curated to realise your desired maximalist aesthetic. Trust us to turn your bathroom into a maximalist masterpiece, adding beauty, comfort, and value to your home.

What Is Maximalist Style?

One of our most frequently asked questions is, what is a maximalist-style bathroom? Maximalist-style bathrooms are a design trend that brings extravagance and vibrancy to your personal sanctuary. If you’re tired of the minimalist and subdued bathroom styles, the maximalist approach might be your next big bathroom adventure. A maximalist-style bathroom is all about embracing boldness, opulence, and a rich mix of colours, patterns, and textures. Here, we explore the world of maximalist-style bathrooms and uncover the common features that make them stand out:

  • Bold Colour Palette – Maximalist bathrooms are known for their fearless use of colour. Bright and striking hues take centre stage, creating an energetic and lively atmosphere.
  • Intricate Patterns – Mixing patterns in the bathroom is a tell of a maximalist design. These bathrooms feature intricate patterns on walls, floors, and even fixtures. These can include elaborate tiles, wallpapers, or decorative stencils that add depth and character to the space.
  • Eclectic Decor – Maximalist bathrooms incorporate a mix of decor elements, from vintage and antique pieces to contemporary art. It’s about curating a collection of items that reflect your style.
  • Statement Fixtures – Bold and unique fixtures, such as ornate chandeliers, gilded mirrors, or intricately designed faucets, add drama and elegance to the bathroom.
  • Abundance of Accessories – Maximalist bathrooms often feature an abundance of accessories, such as candles, vases, and decorative trays, to enhance the overall aesthetic.
  • Layered Textiles – Layering textiles like towels, curtains, and shower curtains in various colours and patterns add depth and warmth to the space.
  • Mix of Materials – Maximalist bathrooms blend various materials, from marble and brass to wood and glass, creating a visually stimulating environment.

Maximalist Mastery: Your Roadmap to Bold Bathroom Designs

In the realm of interior design, embracing maximalism bathroom decor is an exhilarating journey into a world of bold aesthetics and unbridled creativity. Vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and lavish fixtures come together to form visually captivating and emotionally indulgent spaces. Maximalism is all about taking risks, having fun, and creating a space that reflects your personality. In this guide, we’ll explore five straightforward yet transformative ways to infuse your bathroom with the essence of maximalism, from the bathtub to the washbasin and every element in between.

The Bath

With the maximalist design trend, the bathtub is not just a functional fixture but a bold expression of style and personality. Maximalist baths come in diverse shapes and materials, offering a feast for the senses. Whether a freestanding clawfoot tub adorned with ornate details or a contemporary, avant-garde design crafted from sleek materials, the maximalist bath is all about making a statement. Maximalism encourages adventurous finishes such as vibrant colours, intricate patterns, or even gilded accents, turning the bathtub into a captivating work of art within the bathroom. The maximalist bath invites you to indulge in luxury, embrace individuality, and immerse yourself in a bathing experience that defies convention.

Maximalist-Style Bathroom Ideas
maximalist style bathroom shower

The Shower

The maximalist shower becomes a captivating showcase of bold bathroom design. Whether it’s the unexpected use of natural stone or the fusion of materials in unconventional ways, the maximalist shower redefines the boundaries of traditional design. It’s a fearless exploration of creativity and self-expression, where every element, from fixtures to finishes, contributes to the creation of a shower space that is both visually striking and indulgently immersive. Start by choosing an eye-catching showerhead for the focal point of your space, then opt for statement tiles, mosaics, or colourful glass panels to line the shower walls. Add in a vibrant shower curtain or a colourful bathmat. The goal is to create a one-of-a-kind shower that truly reflects who you are. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures, finishes, and accessories. A maximalist shower is a space that allows you to express yourself fully and creates an uplifting, energising ambience to start your day on the right foot.

Washbasin & Storage

Creating a maximalist washbasin is all about layering and texture. The key to achieving this look is to focus on the washbasin without overcrowding the rest of the bathroom. Begin by selecting a washbasin that exudes luxury. Or, for a vibrant bathroom, choose one with intricate patterns, striking colours, or rich materials like marble or onyx. If you opt for a washbasin that has an eclectic vibe, it will serve as the focal point. Incorporate a gilded or ornamental mirror or accessorise with extravagant fixtures and hardware, such as outsized taps and handles, to enhance the eclectic bathroom style. Mix and match metals and finishes for added visual interest. Complete the maximalist look with an abundance of lush, potted plants and stylish storage solutions. A maximalist washbasin can transform your bathroom into a luxurious and visually captivating space, providing a true escape from the ordinary.

maximalist style bathroom washbasin
maximalist style toilet

The Toilet

When achieving a maximalist bathroom, the toilet can be a major contributor to the overall aesthetic. It may seem like an unlikely source of inspiration, but there are a few ways to turn this often-overlooked fixture into a maximalist masterpiece. Whether you opt for a vintage style with ornate details, showcasing intricate patterns and delicate craftsmanship, or a modern toilet with an artistic twist, like sculptural contours or unique finishes, your choice should immediately demand attention. Explore options featuring exquisite detailing such as filigree patterns, sleek, avant-garde designs, intricate porcelain work, or even vibrant hand-painted designs. Think of it as an opportunity to transform a utilitarian item into a work of art.

Walls, Floors, & Accessories

Maximalist bathroom decor is a celebration of extravagance and artistic expression. It defies the conventions of minimalist and understated aesthetics, embracing a “more is more” philosophy. Incorporate statement wallpaper or paint colours that serve as a vibrant canvas for your bathroom’s personality. Mix and match patterns with fearless abandon, from geometric tiles to intricate mosaics, creating a harmonious yet visually stimulating floor. Elevate your walls with opulent materials like marble or introduce textured panels for depth. Accessorise with gilded fixtures and ornate mirrors that radiate luxury and infuse your bathroom with personality through eclectic decor pieces and an array of colourful, textured towels and linens. Maximalism thrives on the juxtaposition of patterns, textures, and colours, allowing you to craft a vibrant bathroom that is visually striking and a unique reflection of your style and exuberance.

maximalist style bathroom floor
small maximalist style bathroom

Creative Strategies for Your Small Maximalist-Style Bathroom

Creating a maximalist-style bathroom in a small space requires a thoughtful and strategic approach. While the limited square footage may seem challenging, it can also serve as an opportunity to curate a more concentrated burst of maximalist flair. Prioritise elements that are most important to you. Consider using one striking wallpapered wall or a mosaic of vibrant tiles as the focal point to infuse character. Mirrors play a pivotal role in expanding the perceived space, so opt for outsized, ornate mirrors to open up the bathroom. Choose multifunctional furniture pieces that maximise storage while adding to the aesthetic, and invest in eye-catching fixtures that double as art. Finally, embrace the power of accessories, from eclectic art pieces to textured towels, to infuse your unique personality. In a small bathroom, every element should contribute to the maximalist story, creating a bold bathroom design that defies spatial limitations.

Maximalist-Style Look for Family Bathrooms or Ensuites

With ample space in your family bathroom or ensuite, you can boldly reimagine every aspect of the bathroom. Adorn the expansive walls and floors with intricate and colourful tiles, daring patterns, and rich hues that captivate all who enter. By combining different elements and playing with texture and colour, you can achieve a maximalist bathroom that is truly stunning. Elevate the bathing experience by incorporating a show-stopping freestanding bathtub or an expansive shower enclave, complete with multiple fixtures and ornate tiling. Double vanities become an indulgent feature, allowing family members to enjoy their own lavish spaces. Embrace outsized mirrors, dazzling chandeliers, and even seating options to infuse the room with grandeur. The vast wall space beckons for a gallery of art, while opulent accessories and textured textiles add layers of luxury. In this spacious canvas, maximalism transcends the ordinary, transforming your family bathroom into a palatial retreat where extravagance knows no bounds.

maximalist style family bathroom

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