Get the Look: Boho-Style Bathroom Ideas

The Bohemian interior design aesthetic is becoming very popular, especially among people tired of all-white minimalism. It’s a style that seems to break all the rules, an earthy, eclectic look that seems effortless. Is it? In truth, it takes intention to be so breezy and bold. If you are ready to give boho style a try, why not start with your bathroom? It’s a small space, and trying out some free-spirited bathroom ideas is not as much of a commitment as, say, redecorating your living room. If you love it, you can extend the look throughout your home décor. We’ve got some tips on Bohemian bathroom design to help you get started.

Boho Style Bathroom

What is a Boho-Style Bathroom?

Bohemian style combines contrasting materials, textures, and colours, in a bold yet relaxed way. Often inspired by nature and the spirit of travel, it’s organic, eclectic, and intensely personal. Boho style doesn’t follow set rules, but embodies personal expression, resulting in a design that is unique to the designer. Often full of plants and vibrant artwork, Boho spaces are full of sentimental items that mix and match not only materials, but also colours, patterns, and even eras and design styles. How can you bring this eclectic bathroom style to your space in a way that feels cohesive?

A boho bathroom should reflect your personality and be full of things that make you feel happy and relaxed. You will want to incorporate natural elements in the bathroom, invest in high quality bath linens, and choose an interesting mix of design elements, without going overboard.

The Bath

A vintage clawfoot tub is the best option of all, bringing in some extra charm to your Bohemian bathroom. Surround it with natural elements and you are even closer to achieving the boho style aesthetic. Add interesting design elements, like a rattan shelf for your toiletries or a macramé plant holder for a lush, green plant, hanging above the tub.

The Shower

A glass-enclosed shower offers the opportunity for an accent wall, perhaps of Moroccan tile. This is a great way to add colour and pattern, especially if you don’t want colour on all your walls.

Boho Style Bath
Boho Vibe Toilet

The Toilet

The toilet is not meant to be a focal point, of course. However, it can add to the boho vibe if you put a plant or floral arrangement on the back or on a shelf above it and tile around it in an interesting pattern. A scented candle on the toilet tank is also a good idea. If you are swapping out your toilet, look for one that fits the style of your bathroom, perhaps a traditional toilet with brass fixtures to add interest.

The Washbasin and Storage

Use baskets and bins to corral your toiletries and keep your countertops uncluttered. If you are renovating and have the opportunity to replace your washbasin, consider making it the star of the show. Choose a vessel sink, like a Moroccan wash basin, and hardware that adds flair, perhaps in brass or gold.

The walls, floor and accessories

Consider mixing and matching tile in an interesting way, to elevate the look of your space. You can use tile to create an eclectic look, perhaps with large format tiles on the floor and small patterned tiles on the walls, or maybe with patterned tiles on the floor and a mix of plain and patterned on the walls. The goal is to add visual interest and personality to the room, so let your mind run free and see what you can imagine! On the other hand, you might skip the tiles on the walls, instead going for plain tiles on the floor and a bold wallpaper pattern. You do not want to overwhelm the space, but judicious use of patterns and texture can make it come alive. Whatever you choose, go bold with colours; boho style embraces rich jewel tones and bright vibrant shades.

When it comes to accessories, carefully choose a few pieces to add personality without cluttering your space. Play with texture and patterns, using baskets, macrame plant hangers, a rug, scented candles, or any other interesting objects that speak to you. Think about function as well as form, playing with the space until you strike the perfect balance. You can also fill the walls with art- there’s no limit on wall art in a Bohemian bathroom.

Boho Style Walls, Floors, and Accessories
Boho Style Room Decor

How to create it for every size room

If you have a small space, the key is to choose your décor mindfully. Be careful not to try and do too much, mixing too many patterns, colours, and textures or including too many objets d’art, or you are likely to overwhelm the space. Instead, use boho-style baskets, trays, and floating shelves to create storage space, and keep everything in scale with the room’s smaller dimensions. Use light colours, make the most of natural light and mirrors, and incorporate plants to help the bathroom feel fresh.

If you have a good amount of space to work with, this presents an opportunity to really play with the boho aesthetic! Consider a Persian rug or something with an interesting texture, like sheepskin or woven natural fibres. Create a sitting area, and go bold with patterns and colour. A big clawfoot bath and an enclosed shower with a focal wall of patterned tile can make a large bathroom into an artful oasis, and adding touches like a light fixture in a natural material can make the room stand out. Materials that work well in boho bathrooms include wicker, rattan, clay, and wood, furthering the feeling of bringing the natural world indoors. Additionally, boho style is all about traveling and collecting interesting things, so don’t be afraid to use some striking decorative pieces. Mix old, vintage, and contemporary pieces to show off your personal style and create a unique and eclectic charm.

Why choose us to design your bohemian style bathroom?

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