8 Tap Finishes You Will Love

Upgrading your bathroom can be exciting but choosing the right tap finish can be overwhelming. With different options available in the market, it is essential to understand which finish complements your bathroom’s overall design. Each finish has its own unique touch, and it is essential to know which suits your style and preference. In this blog, we’ll be discussing different tap finishes to assist you in selecting the perfect one for your bathroom.

1. Gold Taps

Gold tap finishes have become increasingly popular in the home improvement industry. As a rich, warm colour, gold can be used to create a sumptuous yet dignified atmosphere in any room. It is one of the most versatile tap finishes and can be used to achieve both modern and classic styles with ease. While it has always been a popular tap finish, recent interior design trends have given gold tap finish an extra boost in popularity as homeowners look to add that touch of glamour to their bathrooms. With its elevated look and feel, there’s no doubt why tap finishes in gold are such a sought after product! Gold can be paired with a black or an all-white bathroom to create an elegant look.

Gold taps
Bronze bathroom taps

2. Bronze/Oil Rubbed Bronze Taps

A contemporary and sophisticated style can be achieved with bronze or oil rubbed bronze tap finishes. Not only do they add a touch of elegance, these timeless tap finishes also blend well in a variety of settings – from traditional homes to modern apartments – adding an extra dimension to interior décour. Bronze and oil rubbed bronze tap finishes are easy to coordinate with other fixtures too as there’s such an abundance of styles, they will transform any space and give it that high-end look without breaking the bank.

Oil-rubbed bronze taps give a rustic look, while brushed bronze finish provides a more contemporary finish. Bronze is perfect for a traditional or country-style bathroom. It also complements wooden interiors, including wooden cabinets or flooring.

3. Chrome Taps

Chrome finish taps are the most popular and widely used. Chrome tap finishes are a luxurious final touch that can really elevate your décour without breaking the bank. Both chrome and titanium tap finishes are built to last and look stylish regardless of the room they’re in, providing an eye-catching focal point. Whether you’re looking for something more modern or something more classic, tap finishes with a chrome or titanium finish are guaranteed to enhance your space. Chrome taps are also easy to clean, making them perfect for low maintenance bathrooms.

Chrome taps
Brass Fixtures

4. Brass Taps

Tap finishes are an essential component of many home design elements, and this is especially true when it comes to brass tap finishes. This classic material can really add a touch of luxury – perfect if you’re after a classic or vintage aesthetic. Brass tap finishes provide a warm and classic look to any room, making them ideal for both traditional and modern styles of interior design. With the great range available on the market, it isn’t difficult to find tap finishes in brass that will suit any colour scheme. Depending on whether the tap is lacquered or unlacquered, the tap can last for years to come or be left to age beautifully and naturally over time. Brass complements other finishes like wood, subtle tile patterns, and even odd decor elements.

5. Rose Gold Taps

Tap finishes have always been a great way to make a huge impact in your home without requiring huge changes. Rose gold tap finishes bring an elegant touch to any contemporary bathroom, bringing that hint of luxury and charm you may not have noticed before. They blend beautifully with other metallic fixtures in the room and also offer a soft muted pink tone that brightens up any space. Ideal for those looking to make their tap coordinate with their other furnishings, rose gold tap finishes provide the perfect finish and can be used in combination with other tap designs or styles. Whether combined with active metals or warmer wood tones, these unique tap finishes will be a standout feature no matter what environment they are put into.

Rose Gold taps
Matte black taps

6. Matte Black Taps

Matte black tap finishes add a modern, sleek touch to any bathroom or kitchen. Whether you’re going for an industrial or minimalist look, matte black tapware can provide the perfect contrast to your existing fixtures and fittings. Blending in with the surrounding fittings, matte black tap finishes also have the added benefit of being easier to maintain and keep clean. From classic round handles to more modern square designs, there’s a tap finish perfect for completing any bathroom redesign. Matte black finishes can be paired with white, grey, or silver interiors to create a modern and sleek bathroom.

7. Black Mirror Taps

Black Mirror tap finishes are a stunning statement piece that can bring a hint of elegance and sophistication to any space. They provide both functionality and style, with their classic look making them an excellent choice for both modern and traditional decor. A bold black hue gives these taps a striking elegance, especially when used against lighter colours such as white and cream. Often, the tap finishers themselves can be customised to create unique designs that add subtle touches of flair to your bathroom or kitchen. Their smooth black finish is easy to clean, resistant to scratches and will continue to look beautiful for years when looked after properly. Whether you’re giving your bathroom a facelift or simply looking for tap finishes with timeless appeal, you won’t go wrong opting for Black Mirror tap finishes.

Gloss black taps
White taps

8. All White Taps

Tap finishes are a simple way to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom – and all white tap finishes offer an especially elegant aesthetic. These tap finishes come in many different designs and textures, so you can be sure that any tap feature you choose will fit seamlessly into whatever room it’s being placed in. White tap finishes are timeless and minimalist, making them suitable for any setting regardless of style. They also look beautiful when paired with coloured fixtures, adding a bright element of contrast. Go beyond traditional tap finishes and opt for something more stylish; all white tap finishes are the perfect choice for those looking to add an extra touch of sophistication to their home.

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