Top 10 Benefits of a Walk-In Shower

In years past, a bathroom was often designed with a combination tub and shower, or even a free-standing tub with a handheld shower attachment. Now, however, walk-in showers are becoming all the rage. What are walk-in showers, and how do they differ from other showers? Walk-in showers are different than traditional showers in a few ways. For instance, they’re typically flush with the floor, instead of having a lip or curb to step over when entering. Further, walk-in showers can be enclosed or completely open, and they don’t require the shower curtain or door that other showers need. So, why are walk-in showers so popular? Does a walk-in shower add value to a home? Is this type of shower more convenient? The answer is multi-faceted. One simple reason for their appeal is their functionality. Fewer people are taking baths, so when they are deciding whether to install a bathtub or walk-in shower in their new bathroom, the choice is obvious. That’s not all there is to the story, though. The benefits of a walk-in shower are numerous.

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  1. Bathroom design is easy with a beautiful walk-in shower. With a walk-in shower, you can use the same tile throughout your space, which makes coherent design much easier. There’s an elegant continuity that comes with not having to divide the bathroom into different types of tile and textures. With a walk-in shower, you can design your luxurious bathroom with style at the forefront, creating a harmonious look that perfectly reflects your own aesthetic sensibilities and can even make your bathroom look more spacious.
  2. Walk-in showers can be spacious. In addition to appearing large, walk-in showers can be built to your specifications, enabling you to have a large, open shower space. Because they’re not confined to the footprint provided by a tub, these showers can be created as expansive, luxurious sanctuaries. This gives you the room for a bench, double shower heads, and other design elements that make your shower your own personal spa space.
  3. They can also be space-saving, if you have a small bathroom. Just as you can make the shower large and open, you can also create a walk-in shower in a space where a traditional tub and shower combo wouldn’t fit. This gives you an amazing amount of flexibility to create a more functional bathroom, where in years past you might have only had room for a half bath. Even if your bathroom is an unusual shape, there’s a good chance you can configure a walk-in shower to fit it gracefully.
  4. A walk-in shower is easy to clean. Cleaning a bathtub and shower combo is a tedious chore. In fact, even a traditional shower stall is difficult, with all the little nooks and crannies that can hide dirt and harbor mold and mildew. There’s also the issue of the shower curtain, which will need to be replaced each time it goes moldy, or the shower door, which often runs on little tracks that are nearly impossible to keep clean. With a walk-in shower that has no door or a partial wall, there are not so many crevices, curves, and connections, so cleaning the shower is a much easier task. What’s more, walk-in showers are made of tile, not porcelain, which is another factor that makes them easier to maintain than bathtub and shower combinations.
  5. You’ll have different enclosure options with a walk-in shower. You can have a door if you prefer, and these doors come in a variety of styles and designs. However, the beauty of a walk-in shower is that you can design it any way you prefer. You can have a wall that’s curved or straight, half or more, made of glass or tile. There are so many walk-in shower ideas out there that it’s easy to find one that truly appeals to you.
Benefits of a walk-in shower

6. Accessibility is one of the major benefits of a walk-in shower. In fact, one of the main reasons walk-in showers began rising in popularity is because they’re so much more accessible than bathtubs. Because they don’t have the hindrance of a ledge or curb, they’re easy to get in and out of, which makes them a great option for people with mobility issues and those in wheelchairs. They allow for ease and independence when it comes to taking a shower. They’re the perfect solution for those who are aging in place because people often develop mobility issues as they age. Installing a walk-in shower is a forward-thinking decision that will prevent you from having to complete another bathroom renovation down the line. In that way, it can be a smart investment in your own future.

7. Walk-in showers are customizable. Walk-in showers are unencumbered because they’re not attached to a bathtub. This gives homeowners plenty of leeway when it comes to design and features. How will you customize yours? You can choose essentially any wall shape, whether you prefer curved lines or sharply angled geometrical shapes, as long as you have adequate room to navigate the area around the shower. You can determine the level of privacy you require, and enclose your shower accordingly. Walk-in showers can be completely open, can have glass enclosures, can feature a mix of solid walls and glass, or can be made in any other configuration you prefer. Even the glass can be customized, depending on whether you prefer clear, frosted, or textured glass, or even glass blocks. Niches, benches, and fixtures allow for further variation in design and function.

8. They fit any décor style. When you picture a walk-in shower, you’re probably picturing a modern bathroom, with sleek lines and a streamlined, minimalistic ambience. If that describes your aesthetic, you can emphasize your shower’s modern style with geometric design choices like a square showerhead, while keeping your background tile neutral to emphasize the openness of your shower. However, walk-in showers work just as well for other design styles.

    • In a traditional bathroom, a walk-in shower with subway tile and vintage fixtures, perhaps accompanied by a clawfoot tub, is perfect.
    • For an industrial look, go for a clear glass enclosure, door, or dividing panel, perhaps framed in aluminum piping. Leave a bit of roughness to your design, using metal, concrete, and wood to support the look, and consider allowing some of the plumbing to show.
    • In a rustic, farmhouse bathroom, organic materials like natural stone, brick, and wood tile create a warm, inviting feel. Complement these elements with vintage-inspired lighting and brass fixtures in the shower.
    • A walk-in shower can be elegant, with a grand, arched entrance and luxurious materials like marble. Warm metallics are a good choice for fixtures, and opulent accessories make it feel even more luxe.

9. With a walk-in shower, you can have the spa bath of your dreams. Make your shower space bright and airy, perhaps incorporating natural materials to bring the outdoors inside, whether that’s natural stone, a rock wall, or wood. Incorporate multiple showerheads, like a rainfall showerhead mounted on the ceiling, more showerheads along the wall, and a handheld model for convenience and to make you feel pampered. You can even create a steam shower, if you choose to fully enclose your walk-in shower. A built-in shower seat and elegant fixtures add to the relaxing ambience, and a heated shower floor can make it feel even more indulgent. This kind of shower also benefits from plenty of natural light and calm, soothing colors.

10. A walk-in shower can increase a home’s value. This comes with a caveat: if you’re considering moving away entirely from having a bathtub, this can detract from your home’s resale value. Families with children, in particular, prefer to have at least one bathtub in the house. Additionally, there are many people who enjoy the relaxing practice of a soak in the tub. However, a walk-in shower, especially in the primary bath suite, can be very appealing for people who prioritize accessibility or are looking towards purchasing a home for the purpose of aging in place. Additionally, placing a walk-in shower in a small bathroom can increase the value of the home by improving the look of the bathroom and providing the illusion of additional space.

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