Spring 2024 Home-Decor Colour Trends: Lilac

Each year, it is traditional for a colour of the year to be named by those in the know. No matter which colour is chosen, though, there are always trending bathroom colours that are popular even if they do not take that top spot. One of the colours that is on point right now is lilac- and with good reason. Lilac is a perfect colour for a fresh and airy bathroom, because it is soft and sophisticated, versatile and elegant. A welcome alternative to stark white and bland neutrals, it is a beautiful option for transforming your bathroom into a stylish sanctuary and making the room feel fresh, chic, and emphatically up-to-date. Lilac is also refreshing, because it’s a colour that is associated with nature and springtime, with the renewed energy and growth implied by a new season. And while purple bathroom design may not feel like an obvious choice, incorporating lilac in the bathroom can be done boldly or subtly, according to your aesthetic preferences. Here, we offer ideas for lilac bathroom décor that are sure to pique your interest and spark your imagination.

How to Style Lilac in Your Bathroom

One of the reasons lilac is such a lovely choice for a bathroom is that it is a calming, mood-enhancing colour. When you style your bathroom in a lilac hue, you can create a tranquil retreat, a relaxing oasis that feels ethereal and removed from the stress of the world. If your bathroom is small, lilac can make it feel larger, expanding the space and giving it an airy feel by reflecting natural light. If your bathroom is larger, you can play around with different patterns and textures because lilac is a colour that is unlikely to feel overwhelming. When you add texture with lilac wallpaper and fabrics, you add dimension and depth to your bathroom. The wonderful thing about lilac is that it fits into both modern and classic bathroom designs and can adapt to contemporary or vintage elements without overpowering the space.

Styling ideas

When choosing your particular lilac, be aware of whether you prefer a cool or warm shade. Lilac can be either, and it’s crucial to understand which one you have chosen before you choose your fixtures. Be wary of pairing lilac with brass or gold fixtures, as these can end up looking a little bit harsh and outdated with certain lilac tones. If this is the case in your bathroom, consider chrome taps and faucets, or opt for a colour, like a black or white matte faucet. Lilac is versatile and can be bold or soothing, so consider these styling ideas when using lilac in your bathroom:

  • Layer soft, muted shades of lilac, using wallpaper and paint to create a subtle, tranquil atmosphere.
  • Use vibrant shades of lilac to create a lively, airy bathroom, using lilac on the walls and accenting with bright accessories.
  • Make your bathroom feel like a luxurious oasis by using plush towels and rugs in lilac hues.
  • Bring in organic elements, choosing plants and flowers in shades of lilac to create a natural look in the bathroom.
  • Choose lilac accessories, like soap dishes and toothbrush holders, to tie together a lilac-themed bathroom.
Lilac Bathroom Styling Ideas
Lilac Color Style in Bathroom

When you are decorating with lilac, choose a shade that complements the other colours in your décor, for a cohesive look. If you are layering shades of lilac, perhaps on the wall and in the accessories, keep things balanced by choosing accessories that are either a few shades lighter or a few shades darker than the wall. Make sure not to overdo it, though, because you want the room to retain a clean, uncluttered look, without too many embellishments.

What Shades to Pair with Lilac

There are a few different ways you can choose to use lilac, working with other colours. It is important to pay attention to the play of light in the room, painting a section of your wall in your chosen colour combination and waiting to see how it looks when it is dry. If you are not sure whether or not lilac is the right choice, start small, experimenting with accents like towels or bathmats to make sure it works with the light in the room. Once you have decided on using lilac, consider these tips on pairing it with other colours.

1. Neutral

Neutral shades work very well with lilac. Consider using lilac with white, grey, beige, or even black accents, all of which serve as supporting players that allow lilac to be the star of the show.

2. Jewel Tones

For a more dramatic look, you can incorporate bold jewel tones like deep blues and green. Be careful to choose hues that work with the tone of lilac you have selected. Chosen well, this bold contrast can give your bathroom depth and personality.

3. Monochromatic

A monochromatic colour scheme can be cohesive and calming. To accomplish this with lilac, consider layering different shades of lilac, lavender, and muted purples in your bathroom, for an ambience that is at once sophisticated and serene. Mauve, periwinkle, plum, and rosy tones can all create a beautiful bathroom when paired with lilac.

4. Earth Tones

Use earth tones with lilac for a more organic look. Muted greens and soft browns can beautifully complement certain shades of lilac, and your bathroom will look natural and balanced.

5. Pastels

Mix lilac with soft pastel hues for a dreamy look that is inviting and fresh. Mint green, blush pink, and light blue, paired with lilac, create a look that is delicate and charming.

Some Final Words on Decorating with Lilac

You have a wide range of options when you are considering a lilac bathroom. Lilac is used in everything from modern, geometric shapes to soft, romantic decorative designs that feature natural elements. Your décor can be traditional, bohemian, shabby chic, industrial, or contemporary and still feature this versatile colour. Take your time looking at the various options available to you in terms of wallpaper, tiles, and fixtures. There are some very striking lilac ceramics, interesting lilac wallpaper designs, and vanities that incorporate lilac into the cabinetry. Lilac bathrooms can be subtle and charming or bold and striking, depending on your overall aesthetic. The good news is that lilac is a colour with some staying power, so you can feel free to design your perfect lilac haven and not worry that it will be outdated in a year or two.

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