How to Create Drama with Black Bathroom Décor

What colour is your bathroom? Embrace the dark side with black bathroom design ideas! If you’re worried that black may make your bathroom feel cramped, don’t be. Used the right way, black can add depth and create the impression of more space. While black may be an unexpected choice for the bathroom, we’re here to help you discover modern and stylish designs for a sleek and sophisticated space.

Dark Bathroom Design

Consider the walls

How will you use black in your bathroom? You could choose all-over paint, or you could balance your black with white or other colours. Black fixtures make a stunning statement, and black used in a feature wall, on the floor, or in wallpaper also makes a strong impression. Black can be used in Art Deco design, as well as many other options, from minimalist modern to pattern clashing. If you are planning an all-black bathroom, look for ways to add dimension with varied finishes and textures, and bounce light around the room with reflective surfaces and metallic finishes. Black is striking, but it shouldn’t feel overwhelming. Instead, use it wisely and thoughtfully to create a chic, tasteful, and comfortable space.

Choose a black vanity for stylish storage space

Black vanity units come in a variety of styles and sizes, to suit every bathroom layout and every aesthetic choice. From classic to contemporary, boho to industrial, there is a vanity to perfectly fit your black bathroom. Consider an industrial vanity, crafted from black glass, or warm your bathroom’s look with a black and woodgrain vanity, for a spa-like ambience.

Black vanity units
Lighting a Black Bathroom

Strategic lighting makes your black bathroom glow

When lighting a black bathroom, it’s important to use light fixtures strategically. Downlighting can add dramatic impact to a freestanding black tub, and pendant lights or sconces at face level provide style and function. Make the most of glossy tiles and surfaces, as well as mirrors, to bounce light around and keep the room from feeling oppressive. Be careful, though, not to over-illuminate your black bathroom. Use the deep tones to your advantage, creating a cosy environment perfect for relaxing.

Make an impact with dramatic touches

What is the look you want for your bathroom? There are many different ways to pull in some dramatic bathroom ideas. Veined black marble is a gorgeous option, and the variety in marble means you have near endless looks from which to choose. Black steel shower screens are also a wonderful way to showcase your style, whether you are going for an industrial look, art deco, or a breezy, open, spa feel.

Dramatic Bathroom Ideas

Use black tiles to set the tone

Tiling is a good way to establish your bathroom’s colour scheme and overall look. Consider the difference between the impact made by classic checkerboard tiling, vs more modern, geometric, monochromatic tiling. You can use tiles to set your bathroom apart, making it confident and sleek, whether you’re going for something dramatic or subtle. Experiment with different types of tile, considering herringbone subway tile, black hexagon tiles, black penny tiles, or a match of black and white tiles. If minimalism is your preferred style,   using the same coloured tile, but in different shapes and sizes, to keep it interesting.

Look for statement pieces

If you are not ready to commit to an entirely black bathroom, adding black accents to the bathroom is a good way to ease into the idea. A black, freestanding tub is a stunning piece, particularly when downlit, and it can fit perfectly into just about any décor scheme, from industrial to traditional. Black toilets are on-trend right now and can be a striking feature that creates a chic space.

Stylish Look Bathroom Design

Combine elements for a stylish look

A black bathroom doesn’t have to be all black, and bringing in some different textures and materials can keep it from being boring. When you incorporate natural materials like wicker, tweed, and wood, you make the space feel warmer and more intimate. Consider adding a wood accent piece, like a wooden shelf or counter, to create a focal point that warms the space. Choosing fixtures in metals like copper and bronze is another way to bring in natural hues that add an organic touch to your black bathroom.

Anchor the room with black floors

Of course, your bathroom floors must stand up to moisture, as they will be exposed to water and humidity on a near-constant basis. There are a wide range of options available for bathroom floors, so you can take your pick and design the look that suits your aesthetic sensibilities. Porcelain tile is an excellent option for a matte black tile floor.

Black Bathroom Wallpaper

Wall art or wallpaper

There are many different wallpapers on the market today that prominently feature black, whether in a black and white pattern, or using a mix of colours, accented with black. Big, bold patterns are particularly in style, often featuring floral or geometric patterns. If you are concerned that the wallpaper you love will overwhelm your space, consider a feature wall, or stick to a vertical pattern to help create the illusion of a larger room. Not a fan of wallpaper? Choose an arresting piece of black and white wall art to make your bathroom stand out.

A unique black basin demands attention

A stylish black sink adds a sharp focus to the room, while at the same time providing symmetry, balance, and curves that are almost sensual. It’s a visual anchor, pulling your eye the moment you enter the bathroom. Want an even more impactful look? Pair your black basin with a bold colour, brighten the bathroom and wow your guests. Black sinks have a functional purpose, too: they hide stains more effectively than their white counterparts.

Black Basin

Create a feature wall

We mentioned the idea of a wallpapered feature wall, but that is certainly not your only option. Glossy black tiles make an eye-catching impression while also serving the purpose of reflecting light. You can also use patterned tiles, perhaps with a Moroccan flair, or create a pattern using tiles, to really make a statement. A feature wall can also be in a colour that breaks up the black, or a wall full of art that fits your overall décor.

Add some colour

An all-black bathroom can be dramatic, but it also runs the risk of being dreary, if not designed wisely. Fortunately, there is a wealth of colour options you can pair with black to bring your bathroom a brighter appeal. White is the obvious partner for black, but there are many other options as well. Use dark blues, greens, browns, and greys to add dimension to a black palette, or choose muted neutrals and earth tones to make the space cosier. You can also bring in some bright pops of colours, like bright yellow or red, or jewel tones, to really make a splash.

Black Bronze Bathroom

Final touches

Whenever you are designing a bathroom, it pays to give some thought to your accessories and fixtures. Toilet roll holders,  and heated towel rings may not be the most exciting part of your design, but they can pull together your bathroom aesthetic and create a truly cohesive space. For your fixtures, there are a few different ways you can go. Black matte taps and shower heads can be striking, especially if the bathroom is black and white. On the other hand, if you have used black heavily throughout the bathroom, you may want to break up the monochromatic look with metallic fixtures. Bronze, gold, brass, chrome, and brushed nickel can all look great in a black bathroom. If you want to mix things up, though, consider a mix of metals, using no more than three, and choosing a combination of warm and cool tones for a balanced look.

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